CBC Sports Radio Debuts New Lineup for Buzz Sports Radio, New Station

CBC Sports Radio is mixing things up and offering some changes for sports radio listeners.  WDNC/Buzz Sports Radio has a new lineup debut this Monday, February 29, 2016.  And CBC Sports Radio is debuting a brand new station, WCLY 1550 The Ticket.

New Line Up for Buzz Sports Radio

The Sports Shop - Reese & KmacWDNC/Buzz Sports Radio is changing its line up and moving a popular local duo from the weekends to share their special brand of sports talk during the week.  The Sports Shop with Reese and Kmac will air live from 10am-12noon, following the trio already chatting up sports from 6am-11am, The Morning Show with Mike, Lauren & Demetri.

Here’s the new weekday lineup:

WDNC/Buzz Sports Radio/99.9HD2

6a-10a (Live and Local)
The Morning Show w/Mike, Lauren & Demetri

10a-12p (Live and Local)
The Sports Shop w/Reese & Kmac

12p-4p (Live and National)
The Herd w/Colin Cowherd

4p-7p (Live and National)
The Right Time w/Bomani Jones

“The ability to add two live shows to our weekday lineup is very exciting,” said CBC Sports Radio Operations Manager/Program Director Dennis Glasgow.  “Diversity in the spoken-word format has always been a goal of ours at sports radio, and these additions are outstanding programs that will speak to our ever-growing audience in the Triangle.”

Buzz Sports Radio can be found on your radio dial at 99.3FM/96.5FM/620AM/99.9HD2.

New Station for CBC Sports Radio

1550 The TicketWith the lineup changes to Buzz Sports Radio, Dan Patrick and Jim Rome are moving to a brand new CBC Sports Radio station, the new 1550 The Ticket.  Here’s the debut weekday lineup:

WCLY/1550 The Ticket/99.9HD3

6a-9a (Live & National)
Gio & Jones

9a-12p (Live & National)
The Dan Patrick Show

12p-3p (Live & National)
The Jim Rome Show

3p-6p (Recorded & National)
Russillo & Kenell

“Adding 1550 The Ticket to our arsenal of sports stations at Capitol Broadcasting gives us more live programming choices than ever before, that allows us to super-serve an insatiable appetite for the Triangle sports radio listener,” said Glasgow.

The Ticket can be found on your radio dial at 1150AM/99.9HD2.

You’ll still be able to find the current station – 1550 ESPN DePortes, which is moving solely to 99.9HD4.

You can stream all CBC Sports Radio stations at WRALsportsfan.com and on our new WRALsportsfan App.

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Thanks to CBC Sports Radio’s Dennis Glasgow for this capcom scoop & for these capcom graphics.

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