CBC Staffers Support Public Television at UNC-TV’s FESTIVAL 2016


CBC’ers help present a check for $10,000 to UNC-TV’s Shannon Vickery (center) on CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV’s FESTIVAL 2016. CBC’ers from a variety of divisions volunteered on the phone bank while WRAL-TV anchors & reporters made on-air pitches on Monday, March 21.

CBC staffers once again helped support public television on CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV’s FESTIVAL, as has become an annual tradition.  Employees from a variety of divisions helped cap off the annual fundraiser, manning the phone banks on the last day of FESTIVAL 2016 on Monday, March 21st.  WRAL-TV anchors and reporters also made on-air pitches during the evening’s programming.

Between viewers calling in pledges and a $10,000 donation from CBC and WRAL-TV, the night netted $56,580 for central North Carolina’s public television station.

WRAL-TV ENG Editor Valerie Kern joined the CBC team of volunteers.

“It was my first night going and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it was all organized,” said Kern.  “All the volunteers and the anchors were in fantastic spirits. We were all laughing, having a good time, taking pictures and enjoying the fabulous catering.”

Kern had a positive experience talking to UNC-TV viewers on the phone.

“Almost every caller chose to add a comment about UNC-TV after making their donation and all of them said it was essential to their entertainment,” she said.

As she volunteered on the phone bank, Kern took a call from a gentleman named Hap who said, “I just couldn’t imagine not having public television.”

Glenn Dion

WRAL-TV’s Glenn Dion works the phone bank on CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV’s FESTIVAL 2016 on Monday, March 21st.

Kern continued, “He said it very genuinely and I could tell it meant a lot to him. He made a donation of $150 and said he made donations about twice a year.”

FOX 50 New Business Account Executive LaTonya Jones also joined the team at CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV’s FESTIVAL.

“It was a great experience to be among colleagues and share joys and laughs, all while helping to raise money for public television,” said Jones.  “Arthur was my favorite childhood television show so public broadcasting television has always had a soft place in my heart. I was glad that I could help out by volunteering a little time.”

Jones complimented UNC-TV, saying all of their staffers were very appreciative of the help from the CBC team.  She, like many other CBC’ers over the years, also raved about the food served to the volunteers and the fun atmosphere that pervaded the evening.

“All in all, the night was very memorable because it showed that UNC-TV truly had an impact on many lives throughout North Carolina and even into South Carolina and Virginia!” concluded Kern.  “I would definitely volunteer again without a doubt.”

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