Bull Durham Beer Doubles Offerings for 2016 Season

Bull Durham Brewing Company

Bull Durham Brewing Company now has four different styles of beer at the ballpark.

The Durham Bulls open their 2016 season on Thursday, April 7, which means Bull Durham Beer Company will be back in full force.  To kick-off the brewers’ second season, they are doubling their beer offerings.  Bull Durham Beer Company is adding a White IPA style and Amber style beers to the returning Kolsch style and Wheat style brews.

We checked in with Brewmaster Sebastian Wolfrum for a description of the two new styles:

The Amber: We wanted to have a balanced, well-rounded beer that goes for our hot summer nights at the ballpark but play more towards the dark beer crowd that likes caramel, biscuit and chocolaty notes.

The White IPA is a hoppy play on our very smooth and refreshing standard wheat. This beer has those characters as the back bone but comes forward with a bold bitterness and strong hop aroma for all those who cannot do without them.

Bull Durham Beer has also added four additional fermenters to keep up with demand during the season.  The beers will be on sale at the Bulls concessions during the games, as well as in the PNC Club at the stadium.

The Bull Durham Beer Company is the only brewery in the country to call a Minor League ballpark home. Their game plan is simple: bring fresh, local beer to the fans at Durham Bulls Athletic Park and the American Tobacco Campus.

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