Microspace Produces Senator Burr’s Weekly GOP Address (Response to the President)

MCC Director of Video Services Josh Clary shared an experience he had working with a U.S. Senator  in the Microspace studios with Capcom:

Senator Richard Burr

U.S. Senator Richard Burr (NC) records his Weekly GOP Address in the Microspace studios.

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr was recently a guest in Microspace’s Video Services studio filming a live interview for CNN. While here, Senator Burr mentioned that he also needed (at a future date) to record and deliver a Weekly GOP Address to his Washington, DC office.

I let him know that Microspace could provide both of these services for him and gave him my contact information. The following day, Senator Burr’s Press Secretary in DC, Taylor Holgate, contacted me to book our studio and provided the script for the Address.

On the day of filming the Address, only a brief test of the teleprompter speed was needed before we recorded two takes of the Address. Both versions were very good and we couldn’t decide which one was best.

Senator Burr said, “Send them both, and let my press office choose.”

I uploaded the MP4 files to his office in Washington, DC, they added their own video graphic introduction and were very pleased with the results.

Senator Burr’s Weekly GOP Address (Response to the President) was released to the public this past weekend. Here is the link via his Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SenatorBurr/status/717062627281674240

Thanks to MCC’s Josh Clary for this capcom story & photo.

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