Hives Cause Big Buzz at CBC

CBC bee swarm

Recently CBC was abuzz with activity, and not because of a breaking news story or peacocks at the station.  A swarm of bees from the Hive 5 hives decided to spread out and create their own new home on the side of the building. We checked in with our resident bee expert, Bee Downtown Founder […]

Spring Cleaning at Microspace, Tower Maintenance Complete

Microspace tower

300 feet above Microspace’s Highwoods Blvd location, a tower holds multiple microwave antennas used for signal transmissions across the Triangle. One of these antenna provides the microwave link to/from Microspace Highwoods to Microspace Auburn facilities.  The 10-foot cover over this antenna was disintegrated, by the storm system which spawned tornadoes in the area on February […]