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Throwback Thursday: CBC History

1. Name the weatherman or meteorologist who presented a weathercast from WRAL’s tall tower.

a) Bob Caudle
b) Bob Debardelaben
c) Bob Knapp
d) Greg Fishel

2. Name the SKY 5 pilot who appeared in a live shot wearing a Halloween mask.

Sky 5 Pilot

a) Steve Wiley
b) Randy Watkins
c) Mike Allen
d) Frank Beall





3. Name the WRAL news anchor and meteorologist who filled extra time at the end of a morning newscast by “chunkin’ pumpkins” into a studio trashcan. (mid-‘80s)

a) Joe Oliver and Bill Schmidt
b) Bill Leslie and Greg Fishel
c) Denise Boyer and Dave Eichon
d) John Hudson and Greg Fishel

4. Name the member of the sports department who could not get the hang of hang gliding for a series called Thrill Week. EXTRA POINTS if you can name the photographer.

Hang glidinga) Tom Suiter
b) Rich Brenner
c) Rick Sullivan
d) Jay Jennings




5. WRAL news anchor Bill Leslie gets an extreme case of the giggles while trying to record a stand-up in front of a hospital. Name the photographer who was laughing just as hard behind the camera by clicking on this link.

Bill Leslie


  1. b) Bob Debardelaben
Bob Debardelaben

Bob Debardelaben

2. d) Frank Beall SKY 5 pilot (1984-1987)

Frank Beall

Sky 5 Pilot Frank Beall

3. WRAL News anchor John Hudson and meteorologist Greg Fishel. Click here to watch the action.

John Hudson and Greg Fishel

John Hudson and Greg Fishel (pumpkin chunkin)

4. d) Jay Jennings
EXTRA Point answer: Steve Ramsey, WRAL News Director was the photographer.
Click on the link to watch Jay create divots in the sand dunes.

Jay Jennings

Jay Jennings. Ouch!

5. Jeff Gravley

Jeff Gravley

Jeff Gravley

Jeff was a WRAL sports intern who became a news photographer. He eventually switched back to the sports department.

Thanks to Corp’s Pam Allen for this capcom story. Pam Parris Allen is a former WRAL newscast producer/director who now works as a researcher and producer on the CBC History Project.

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