MIX and FOX 50 Join Forces for Family Feud

Gene & Julie Gates and Kevin Kolbe

WRAL-FM’s Gene (left) & Julie Gates clown around with FOX 50’s Kevin Kolbe as the two CBC stations pair up for a fun “Family Feud” promotion.

Capitol Broadcasting Company is family-owned and our divisions are like family. What better way to support one another than to work together to promote some fun families?  MIX 101.5 and FOX 50 recently joined forces to highlight FAMILY FEUD, the popular game show hosted by Steve Harvey, in a win-win for both the radio and television stations.

FOX 50 Creative Services Director Kevin Kolbe explained the concept, “To help FOX 50 promote FAMILY FEUD, Mix plays a daily #1 Answer game. Gene & Julie asks a FEUD question-of-the-day. If the caller can guess the #1 Answer, they win. We start with $100 and it rolls over every day someone doesn’t win.”

The Gene & Julie Show broadcasts live every weekday on MIX 101.5.  Listeners have been tuning in to try to win.

One winner particularly caught the attention of Kolbe when she won a big prize on May 6th.

“This winner was one of the BEST winner’s I’ve ever heard and a great reminder that for many it’s more than ‘just a contest’,” said Kolbe.

FAMILY FEUD airs weekdays at 7:00 and 7:30pm on FOX 50.

Thanks to FOX 50’s Kevin Kolbe for this capcom scoop, photo and audio.

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