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Throwback Thursday: CBC History

1. ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, during his early years as a reporter with the network, visited Raleigh to_________.

a) Present a lecture on journalism at NCSU.
b) Visit WRAL and appear in promos with local news anchors.
c) Be placed in a baseball dunking machine during a telethon to help raise money for lights at Carter-Finley stadium.
d) Visit WRAL and then went deep sea fishing with CBC executives.

2. Back-in-the-day of WRAL-AM radio, there was a feature called “Lost and Found.” Which item was actually “found” one day?

a) Donkey
b) Liquor still
c) Billy Goat
d) Army tank

3. In the early ‘40s WRAL-AM had a very popular program that aired Monday evenings from a special location. Name the location.

a) Reynolds Auditorium
b) North Carolina State Penitentiary
c) Raleigh Little Theatre
d) Farmers Market

4. In 1961, WRAL-TV GM Fred Fletcher was in a bowling contest. Who was his opponent?

a) Nancy Fleming, Miss America 1961
b) Miss North Carolina Maria Beale Fletcher, who became Miss America 1962.
c) Chimpanzee
d) Jesse Helms

5. In the early years, SKY 5 often delivered mascots to various events. Which mascot(s) rode in SKY 5?

a) WFJA radio Chicken
b) Duke Blue Devil
c) Easter Bunny
d) All of the above



1. c) Was placed in a baseball dunking machine to raise money for lights at Carter-Finley stadium.

2. a) Donkey

3. b) North Carolina State Penitentiary. The show featured talent at the prison including “The Four Walls Quartet” and “Fiddlin’ Fowler and the String Band” to name a few. An inmate would read the latest in prison news and commented on events of interest such as road work assignments.

4. c) Chimpanzee

Fred Fletcher

Fred Fletcher (right) and the Chimpanzee who was in bowling opponent

5. d) All of the above

Sky 5

The WFJA radio chicken (left), the Easter Bunny and the Duke Blue Devil (not pictured) got rides in Sky 5.

No picture of the Duke Blue Devil, but we know it happened!

Thanks to Corp’s Pam Allen for this capcom story. Pam Parris Allen is a former WRAL newscast producer/director who now works as a researcher and producer on the CBC History Project.

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