Melting Down the Minutes to the 2016 Olympic Games

Dave Sweeney

NMG’s Dave Sweeney snaps a selfie with the WRAL Rio ice sculpture.

Capitol Broadcasting is so excited about the start of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, we wanted to do something extra-special to countdown the final hours to the Opening Ceremonies.  So, WRAL-TV designed an Olympic-themed ice sculpture and unveiled it at 6am on Thursday, August 4, the day before the big event.

Viewers were invited to guess how long it would take to melt.  CBC staffers took photos of, and with, the sculpture and posted on Social Media, tagged with #WRALinRio2016.  Some WRAL fans stopped by for photos as well.  Viewers far and wide could also watch a live feed online at to monitor the “meltage” all day and night long.

This is no ordinary ice block. Check out some of the fun facts about the sculpture.

  • 9 blocks total
  • each block is 40x20x10″
  • 300 pounds per block
  • total of 2700 pounds
  • 40 gallons per block of water
  • 360 gallons of water used
  • 4 day freeze time of blocks, and we can freeze 18 at one time
  • the color in the logo is made with color sand
  • 1 1/2 days to complete the job

Todd Dawson of Ice Occasions of NC put together this masterful work.

Here are some fun photos that CBC’ers snagged throughout the first half of the day:


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Thanks to the CBC’ers in these photos for allowing Capcom to re-post them.

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