Bulls Auction to Support Arts in Schools a Success

Bulls photography exhibition

The Durham Bulls held an exhibition of photography from the 2016 season by DBBC’s Walmer Medina at RUNWAY in downtown Durham, culminating with a silent auction to support arts in schools on Saturday, October 15, 2016.

The Durham Bulls had such a success of their recent charity auction event with RUNWAY, that they extended the event a few extra days.  During the week previous to Saturday, October 15, 2016, behind-the-scenes photography from the Bulls 2016 season were on display at RUNWAY and then a big event and silent auction took place the evening of the 15th.  The photographer, DBBC Creative Director Walmer Medina, has been a driving force behind the event that will benefit Creative Arts in Public & Private Schools (CAPS).

“Tons of fans, family, friends, players (Jaime Schultz and Richie Shaffer) and even Wool E. Bulls made an appearance,” said Medina.  “The best part is some money was raised for a great cause.”

The fundraising is continuing beyond the special event, with pieces being distributed for display and consigned to other locations.

Check out more about Medina and the idea behind the event here:

Thanks to DBBC’s Walmer Medina for these capcom photos.

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