CBC Wins PNC Arena Contest with Tower Lighting on Suite Door

Corp's Amy Trudo shows off her great work on the CBC Suite door at the PNC Arena.

Corp’s Amy Trudo shows off her great work on the CBC Suite door at the PNC Arena.

This December the PNC Arena held a Premium Services Door Decorating Contest for their patrons with suites on the Club Level.  The challenge?  Decorate their suite door for the holidays.  When CBC heard about the challenge, we quickly put together a premium team.  The PNC Arena announced this week that Capitol Broadcasting won the 2016 contest!

Corp Asst Property Manager Amy Trudo, Corp Estate Gardener Jack Lamm, FOX 50 Art Director I Gayle Hardy & WRAL-TV Lead Designer/Print & Online Bill Burch made up the decorating team.

The CBC quartet found out about the contest without much time to spare, and this is a busy season for all four of the soon-to-be door decorators.  They got to work fast.

PNC sent out the contest details with photos of doors from previous years which Trudo says “were all hand-decorated, made-from-scratch kind of things.”  That gave her the spark of an idea.

“I thought we should do something that represented us where people would walk by and know it was the Capitol Broadcasting suite,” she said.  “We just had the tower lighting so I thought why not make the tower!”

pnc-door-winner-announceShe described the process of creating the door for Capcom:

We used vinyl to make the overall background. Spray painted it black, with blue and purple glitter. I made the tower from wood dowels and a lot of hot glue. Jack had the great idea to use those battery powered multi-color micro Christmas lights. We bought a few sets and wrapped them around the tower. From the tower we got inspired to add in Sky 5 with Santa flying. Gayle and Bill found pictures and made magic. We added in a few reindeer to chase Sky 5 and some present boxes to hide the battery packs for the lights. So miraculously it came together within 24 hours. If we had an extra day there were so other little details that would have been fun to add but there is always next year.

For the big win CBC will receive a $500 food and beverage credit to use at their discretion for a holiday outing.

Congratulations to the CBC Door Decorating Team!

Thanks to Corp’s Jack Lamm for these capcom photos.


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