Raleigh Sports Radio Debuts “NC State Stuff’ Podcast Series

WRALsportsfan.com creates 8-part podcast about mythological NC State sports curse

NC State Stuff99.9 The Fan and WRALsportsfan.com have partnered with ACC Insider, Sports Radio & WRALsportsfan.com contributor Lauren Brownlow to air a special episodic podcast on the supernatural history about  North Carolina State University and a possible curse that haunts Wolfpack Nation and its fans.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017, began the first day of an 8-week podcast campaign with an accompanied weekly column on WRALsportsfan.com hosted and written by ACC sports radio insider Lauren Brownlow. The history of ‘the curse’ will be addressed by fans, local media, and a physiologist. You’ll also hear from former players, coaches, and NC State sports personnel. And the podcast will also point to certain points in NC State sports history where things went terribly wrong, and fans were left to wonder, is there a curse on our Wolfpack sports teams?

Narrator and Host of ‘NC State Stuff: Is there a curse’? Lauren Brownlow says, “Growing up in North Carolina and covering the area teams for over a decade, I’ve long been fascinated with the dedication of NC State fans in spite of a recent string of bad luck, which contrasts sharply with a rich and successful overall athletic history. When I learned about the recently-conceived concept of ‘NC State Stuff – What can go wrong for NC State will go wrong’, and that it had a name, I knew I had to learn more about it. I’ve never believed in it, but I kept an open mind going into this podcast and wanted to figure out, once and for all, if there’s anything to it.”

Dennis Glasgow, Capitol Broadcasting sports radio Operations Manager/Program Director and Executive Producer for the Podcast series says, “We’re very excited that Lauren is taking on this local sports lore that’s been taboo to talk about with most NC State Fans and alumni for decades. It’s one of those stories that everyone thinks they know about, but are in for a wild ride to hear what fans, former players and other NC State alumni think, and if the curse is myth, reality or somewhere in-between.”

You will be able to download/subscribe this special 8-part series podcast at WRALsportsfan.com and on the WRALsportsfan App in the iTunes and GooglePlay stores. The podcast will be accompanied by a weekly column at WRALsportsfan.com.

Thanks to 99.9 The Fan’s Dennis Glasgow for this capcom story & graphic.

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