Sunny 103.7 Supports Girl Scouts, U.S. Military with Cookie Buy

Sunny 103.7 Girl Scout Cookie Buy‘Tis the time of year for stocking up on Thin Mints and Tagalongs from the Girl Scouts, and Sunrise Broadcasting is getting in on the fun, and kicking in on the fundraising, for a great cause.  We checked in with Sunny 103.7 Program Director Mike Edwards for the scoop about the “Girl Scout Cookie Buy.”  The promotion is actually in its second year at the Wilmington station, but double the goodness in 2017:

It’s Girl Scout cookie season this time every year and we’re always looking for lifestyle/community-oriented promotions that match our target audience as well as do some good.

So, the idea is that we have a contest where Girl Scout troops vie for votes on our website. The troop that garners the most votes, we buy cookies from. In our meetings last year with the Girl Scout leaders, we learned that the Girl Scouts have a program called “Operation Cookie Drop” where they send Girl Scout cookies to our military overseas. So, that was a no-brainer to then donate all of the cookies we buy to Operation Cookie Drop.

Sunny 103.7 Girl Scout Cookie Buy

The voting page for Sunny 103.7’s Girl Scout Cookie Buy for 2017.

Last year, it was the “$500 Girl Scout Cookie Buy” and this year, it’s $1,000! The additional $500 in purchasing power is coming from King Neptune Seafood in Wrightsville Beach, who we’ve added as a sponsor. The owner of King Neptune heard last year’s contest and was so touched by it, he provided cash for the 2nd and 3rd place troops last year. This year, it’s one winner for $1,000! That’s a LOT of cookies!

Girl Scout families are spreading this all over social media and it’s turned out to be a very cool promotion for everybody! It’s been a lot of fun.

Online voting for this year started Friday February 10th and runs through the 28th and then on the morning of March 1st, we’ll have the Top 3 vote getters live on our morning show for the announcement of which one got the most votes and wins the Cookie Buy.

We couldn’t have put this together without the great work from the regional and local Girl Scout leaders.


Thanks to Sunrise’s Mike Edwards for these capcom graphics.

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