Bulls Support Career-Readiness Program for Made in Durham

Durham Herald-Sun articleThe Durham Bulls made headlines on the Herald-Sun recently for participating in the career-readiness program to help alternative school students.  Made In Durham’s Cyndy Falgout penned the story the Sunday edition of the Herald-Sun on January 15, 2017.  The piece also appeared in the Made In Durham e-newsletter the next week.

Falgout wrote about a December customer service training session the Bulls offered for some alternative school students in Durham.  The training may help some of the students land summer jobs at the Bulls.  The day included “a work site tour, information about the many seasonal jobs available to them and tips on what the organization looks for in its seasonal workers.”

The Durham Bulls have committed to support career-readiness programs for Made in Durham’s Durham Futures initiative “which is piloting innovations at three schools that serve former high school dropouts and others who wish to attend school in small, specialized settings. The schools are Achievement Academy of Durham, Gateway to College at Durham Technical Community College and Performance Learning Center at Durham Public Schools.”

Read the entire article and see the slideshow of the Bulls training day:

Thanks to Made in Durham’s Cyndy Falgout for this capcom photo.

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