Dateline NBC Interviews WRAL-TV’s Sims for Episode about Peterson Case

Julia Sims

Dateline NBC Correspondent Dennis Murphy interviews WRAL-TV Reporter Julia Sims about the Mike Peterson murder case.

WRAL-TV Reporter Julia Sims recently got a chance to sit on the other side of the microphone.  After the Mike Peterson murder case closed its latest and final chapter, Dateline NBC reached out to interview her.  Sims has been covering the case for WRAL-TV over the years.

She shared about her experience with Capcom:

Dateline NBC came into town for a few days during Peterson’s first trial. I got to know one of the producers. When we broke the story a few weeks ago that Peterson was going to take a plea deal, that same producer saw my name on the story and contacted me since we are now an NBC affiliate. 

Correspondent Dennis Murphy interviewed me. He’s been with Dateline for nearly 25 years and it’s clear why the network has held onto him. He’s very personable and incredibly knowledgeable. The interview lasted two hours (I’m not kidding! Two hours of questions!) and he didn’t use any reference notes!

This case has been one of the most fascinating I’ve ever covered. Every time you thought you had a grasp on everything, something new came out (like Brad the male escort or the owl theory). The case took us around the globe and back. Former photographer Don Ingle and I followed the prosecution to Germany as they looked into the death of a Peterson family friend. We also went to Texas for the exhumation of her body. 

Like many court cases, you often end up getting to know the people involved. I got to know both sides of the Peterson case over the span of 15 years. At the end of the day when you push aside, all the drama and often circus-like atmosphere, this was a story about two families that lost someone very special.  They had their lives dragged out and dissected in public. I doubt you ever fully recover from something like that. 

Stay tuned for the broadcast date for the Dateline NBC episode including Sims’ interview.  Producers said it will likely air in a couple of months.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Julia Sims for these capcom photos.


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