Musician Entertains, Educates Kids and Performs at Rocky Mount Mills

Dom Flemons

Grammy-winning North Carolina musician Don Flemons stops by the Girls & Boys Club of the Tar River on his way to perform at Rocky Mount Mills on Friday, August 11, 2017.

Don Flemons’, The American Songster, stopped by the Boys and Girls Club of the Tar River Region Friday, August 11, 2017, on the way to perform at Rocky Mount Mills as a part of the Mill Music Sessions.

The Grammy Award-winning musician spent time with the kids and performed an intimate 30-minute concert. He played a variety of folk and bluegrass and quickly had the kids engaged with their hands clapping, toes tapping and bright smiles across their faces.  Not only did he play his music but he shared stories and even included history lessons with a surprise lesson on the banjo’s African American roots.

The fun did not end at the Club.  Rocky Mount Mills hosted a VIP experience for the Boys and Girls Club teens at the concert along with the pizza party held on campus. Dom Flemons spoke to the teens as well as a special guest, Senator Angela Bryant, stopped by to say Hello!

The Rocky Mount Mills team along with Capitol Broadcasting understand the value of enriching children’s lives and glad we had the opportunity to partner with Boys and Girls Club and bring The American Songsters style of storytelling and rich musical history.

Thanks to RMM’s Julie Baggett for this capcom story & video and for these capcom photos.


Check out VIDEO of Don Flemons at the Girls & Boys Club of the Tar River Region:

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