WRAL-TV’s Wilmoth Conquers Fear of Heights for Special Olympics

Aimee Wilmoth

WRAL-TV Meteorologist Aimee Wilmoth is congratulated by her husband, their children, and WRAL-TV’s Ken Smith (left) after she went “Over the Edge” for Special Olympics on Friday, September 29, 2017.

WRAL-TV Meteorologist Aimee Wilmoth has never been so happy to see the ground as she was on Friday, September 29, 2017.  Wilmoth joined the ranks of the WRAL personalities who have gone “Over the Edge” for Special Olympics.  Although she was scared, she is glad she took on, and conquered, the challenge.

“I was completely terrified, but am SO happy I did it,” said Wilmoth.  “I exceeded my fundraising goal of $1000 and raised $1625!”

Participants commit to raise $1,000 for the opportunity of rappelling down the side of the Wells Fargo building in downtown Raleigh, all 30 stories of it.

Wilmoth made her descent live on the WRAL-TV mid-day newscast.

“For someone super scared of heights, it was a bit unsettling sitting on the ledge for FIFTEEN minutes waiting for the live shot on our noon news!” she explained.  “I was very, very happy when my feet hit the ground. I just tried to not look down.

Her husband, son and daughter waited for her on the ground.

“My family is so proud of me and also relieved that I made it down safely,” said Wilmoth.  “My son in particular was very nervous and gave me a big hug after I completed the rappel!”

Aimee Wilmoth

WRAL-TV Meteorologist Aimee Wilmoth goes “Over the Edge” for Special Olympics, rappelling down all 30 floors of the Wells Fargo Building on Friday, September 29, 2017.

She went “Over the Edge” in honor of her brother, who has competed in Special Olympics.  Wilmoth said she would love the big smile he always had on his face when participating.

WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Ken Smith approached Wilmoth about representing the station for “Over the Edge.”

“Aimee was great!” he said.  “Just like me, she is afraid of heights and she completely conquered her fear of heights. Last year when I brought up the idea of looking for someone to Go Over the Edge for our station, she didn’t hesitate. She jumped at the opportunity. I was extremely proud of her.”

Smith recently rolled off a 5-year term on the board of Special Olympics North Carolina.

“Special Olympics remains near and dear to me,” he said.  “Even though I’m no longer on the board (Board members must rotate off the Board every five years), I still look for opportunities to volunteer with the organization. It’s a well-run organization but more importantly, the athletes we serve are so appreciative and endearing.”

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Aimee Wilmoth & WRAL-TV’s Ken Smith for these capcom photos.


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