Three CBC’ers Join Ranks of Goodmon Fellows at Leadership Triangle Thrive Summit

Phillipe Charles

ATC’s Phillipe Charles (center) receives his Leadership Triangle diploma from Corp’s Jim Goodmon (left) & ATC’s Michael Goodmon.

On Tuesday, December, 5, 2017, three CBC’ers became Goodmon Fellows, graduating from Leadership Triangle’s fall Transforming Leaders program, during the first annual Thrive Leadership Summit.  The daylong event took place at the Raleigh Convention Center.  The graduation took place during a luncheon, and the day ended with a gala and the presentation of the 2017 Goodmon Awards.

The Graduates
99.9 The Fan General Manager Brian Maloney, American Underground Director of Communications Phillipe Charles and American Tobacco Asst Property Manager Shawn Olender all three received their diplomas from CBC CEO Jim Goodmon, Chair Emeritus of Leadership Triangle and Corp Senior Vice President Michael Goodmon, the current Chair.

“I learned the true meaning of ‘leadership’ and look forward to apply those skills,” said Maloney of the program.  “It will be an on-going process.”

He and Olender shared their experience with the LT program with Capcom.

“I learned so much from the Transforming Leaders program,” said Maloney.  “I’ve also realized I can’t change everything in one day.  This will be a work in progress for the remainder of my life.  However, the course made me realize how important it is to do ‘right’ during our time with others.  The program really allowed me to do some soul searching and understand the type of person I really want to be.”

Olender said, “The introspection piece was key to personal development.  To take time to dissect your day to day behaviors it essential to growth.”

Both men talked about their favorite parts of the program.

“My favorite part of program was interacting with and forming strong relationships with people from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds,” said Olender.  “Understanding diversity is essential to success in today’s rapidly evolving global work place.”

Maloney most enjoyed an exercise called “values sort.”

Brian Maloney

99.9 The Fan’s Brian Maloney (center) receives his Leadership Triangle diploma from Corp’s Jim Goodmon (left) & ATC’s Michael Goodmon.

“We took a deck of 50 cards.  Each card had a value written on it i.e. truth, creativity, trust, etc,” explained Maloney.  “We had to narrow it down to our four core values.  It was very powerful.  I’ve already shared that exercise with my department heads.”

Both men highly recommend the course to their CBC colleagues.

“Absolutely,” responded Olender.  “It’s a great opportunity for personal development.”

Maloney agreed saying, “This is not a ‘Management 101’ class.  This is deep thinking, heavy soul searching and complete unselfishness.  I’ll get out of it what I put into it – and I’m committed.  Anybody that takes this course must be committed to learning, listening and doing the homework – yes, plenty of homework!”

In addition Maloney enjoyed the people he met and worked with throughout the several month program.

“I also bonded with my teammates in the program – a very diverse group of us that came together nicely,” he said. “We plan on getting together again after the holidays.”

A Charge From Two Speakers
CBC CEO Jim Goodmon spoke to the graduates, their guests, and the conference attendees at the beginning of the luncheon.  He has attended every Leadership Triangle graduation since the program transformed over a decade ago.

Shawn Olender

ATC’s Shawn Olender (center) receives his Leadership Triangle diploma from Corp’s Jim Goodmon (left) & ATC’s Michael Goodmon.

He challenged the graduates to work hard as leaders in the Triangle.

“We have a lot to do to keep our quality of life like it is,” he said.  “We have to do that together as a region.”

Goodmon spoke of the current tumultuous climate in the United States.

“In the end we have to decide as individuals what WE can do about it,” he said.  “There are two sets of morals – personal and what can I get away with to make money?”

He challenged the group to have high morals and to participate and make their voices heard by voting.

“You vote matters a lot,” he said.  “I believe in the goodness of this country, but we have to make the future ours.  You have to vote and get involved with your elected representatives.  When things fall apart, get back to basics.”

The keynote speaker for the luncheon, retired Senior Vice President of AT&T Cynthia Marshall echoed Goodmon’s instructive in her speech.

“Know your priorities,” she challenged.  “What do you value?”

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