WRAL-TV Once Again Best For 2018 Maggy Awards, Other CBC Winners

2018 Maggy AwardsCary Magazine has released its 2018 Maggy Awards list, and WRAL-TV has once again been voted Best TV Station.  Several other CBC entities made the list as well, earning honors among the Best of Western Wake.

A record-breaking 15,207 votes were cast by Cary Magazine readers to determine the winners.

“Has there ever been a year that WRAL didn’t win the Maggy Awards?” asked Cary Magazine with the entry for Best TV Station.  “Yes, in 2014 — but only because we didn’t ask for votes in the Best TV Station category that year.”

And the CBC Maggy Award honorees are:

Best TV Station
Winner:  WRAL-TV

Best TV Personality
Winner:  Greg Fishel, WRAL-TV
Honorary Mention:  David Crabtree, WRAL-TV

Best Radio Personality
Honorable Mention:  Adam Gold, 99.9 The Fan

Find the full list of 2018 Maggy Award winners HERE.


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