Halfway Through the Olympic Journey: More From the WRAL Team in South Korea

Jamie Munden

WRAL-TV’s Jamie Munden captures the Olympic rings on the beach in South Korea.

Competition is underway in South Korea and multiple Americans are already winning medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics.  The WRAL-TV team in PyeongChang has established a steady rhythm of covering events and finding great stories about the people, the food and the Olympic events.

“So basically we’re about halfway through this little journey,” said WRAL-TV News Photojournalist Richard Adkins.  “The time is flying by right now. This is a fun crew to be with, we’re having a very busy, but enjoyable time. And I’m especially a big fan of our food outings… And eating out is pretty damn inexpensive. Seriously, or we go out to eat, some nights we don’t even spend $10.”

Speaking of food, Adkins and his fellow WRAL-TV News Photojournalist Jamie Munden got a special surprise at a recent dinner.  Munden explained:

Jamie Munden & Richard Adkins

WRAL-TV’s Jamie Munden and Richard Adkins stumbled upon a new restaurant for dinner and ended up getting a big surprise, a free meal. Munden said, “The thing they wanted from us the most was to take our picture with the chef mascot which of course we obliged.”

So Richard Adkins and I took a little longer walk tonight looking for dinner. We walked out of the little neighborhood close to the media village and went to an area next to the Athlete’s Village. We stumbled upon some place with a cool little chef mascot.

We wandered in and they were serving ramen with you choice of meat. I had the beef. RAD went Chinese beef. It was a great meal minus the fact that all they had for us to drink was beer or hot water. When we finished we went to pay and they waved us off.

All we can figure is the place was having some kind of preview/soft opening or we joined a cult or the mafia. Not sure which. The thing they wanted from us the most was to take our picture with the chef mascot which of course we obliged. We will just tell ourselves they’re big fans of the media.

WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Kathryn Brown has been learning a little Korean and FaceTiming with her kids back home.  She watched Apex native Randi Heesoo Griffin skating in Team Korea’s second women’s ice hockey game and NC speed skater Heather Bergsma trying to win gold.

Kathryn Brown

From WRAL-TV’s Kathryn Brown: Having some fun at Olympic Park!

Her fellow WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter David Crabtree ran into NBC Anchor Lester Holt on the beach and learned behind-the-scenes details about the Opening Ceremonies from a camera operator he met on the media bus.

The crew has adapted quickly to life in South Korea Olympic Zone, navigating doing laundry and coordinating eating schedules with aplomb.

“My new best friend is Google Translate, an incredible app that will allow real time translation, you can even use the camera in the phone to read menus or directional signs in real time,” said Adkins.
It’s pretty cool.”

Read more about the crews adventures on WRAL.com and WRALSportsFan.com:

Find the latest scores, medal standings, television schedule and much more on WRAL.com and WRALSportsFan.com by searching for ‘Olympics’.

The WRAL Olympics team is reporting on WRAL-TV every evening, live at 5:00, 6:00, the Olympic Zone at 7:30, and WRAL’s 11:00 News.  Brown and Crabtree are also posting daily on WRAL.com and Facebook.

SLIDESHOW: More From the First Half of the WRAL Team’s Olympics Journey


Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Jamie Munden, Richard Adkins, Kathryn Brown & David Crabtree for these capcom photos.

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