CBC Stations Provide Invaluable Coverage for Hurricane Florence

Hurricane FlorewnceCapitol Broadcasting stations are here to help our viewers and listeners before, during and after Hurricane Florence.  Tune in to WRAL-TV’s newscasts for updates on the storm track, and online go to WRAL.com for the latest.  Once Florence makes landfall, WRAL-TV will broadcast live during the storm, while MIX 101.5 carries the simulcast.

Be sure to have a battery-powered radio (with spare batteries) on hand in case you lose power.

Download the WRAL-TV and WRAL Weather apps on your mobile devices now to stay abreast of the latest news on the go.

For viewers and listeners on the coast, WILM-TV will simulcast the same live coverage from WRAL-TV, and all six Sunrise broadcasting radio stations will have a “blend” of local Wilmington announcers anchoring from Sunrise studios going in and out of WRAL-TV coverage.

Finally, tune in to your favorite CBC station and the WRAL Weather center on social media for the latest as well.

Above all, stay safe and let CBC help guide you through the storm!

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Stay safe, stay informed: WRAL is everywhere to help you through Hurricane Florence
WRAL News will bring you the latest updates as Hurricane Florence makes landfall in the Carolinas. Stay informed, and stay safe with WRAL — on TV, on the web, on social media, in our apps for your phone or connected TV, even on the radio. Click HERE to get the details.

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