Mini Golf is Coming to ATC in 2019: Bull City Mini – Call for Entries

Bull City Mini Coming to DurhamBull City Mini, soon to be the Triangle’s newest recreation outlet and only creative community-designed mini golf course, announced plans on October 1, 2018, to open a nine-hole pop-up course in the spring of 2019 on Durham’s American Tobacco Campus. The pop-up course will feature community-designed mini golf holes and obstacles as well as a shipping container bar. Bull City Mini will open the pop-up course in April and remain open throughout next summer.

Inspired by mini golf courses in San Francisco, Austin and Minneapolis, Durham husband-and-wife founders Julie Bryce and Ben Owens were knew they wanted to bring the idea home. “The Triangle needs more recreation — activities that encourage you to get offline and get outside, put down your device and play. Mini golf is affordable, doesn’t require any special skills or preparation to play and is fun for all ages” says Owens.

Artists and creative members of the community are invited to submit designs for one of the nine mini golf holes or obstacles in a Call for Entries that opened Oct 1st. Entries, due December 19th, will be judged and winning submissions will be professionally fabricated for durability.  Designers of selected holes will be paid a $500 stipend and offered perks like free passes and exclusive invitations to Artist Nights where they can explain their inspiration to patrons and gain exposure, if they’re working artists.

“Our vision for this project is recreation as art and art as recreation. We want Bull City Mini to have a sense of place. You can play mini golf at the beach but pirate ships and windmills aren’t locally relevant so we’re excited to see how the community takes the theme Durham Landmarks in Miniature and interprets it.  We’re hoping for humorous as well as thought-provoking submissions, given Durham’s rich history and passionate residents”, says Bryce.

About Bull City Mini
Bull City Mini is the triangle’s first community-designed mini golf course and bar.  Featuring art as recreation and recreation as art, Bull City Mini offers affordable, accessible, offline entertainment that encourages people of all ages to put down their device and play together. Website: Twitter: @bullcitymini

Call for Entries:

Bull City Mini site

Thanks to Bull City Mini for this capcom story & graphics.

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