Remembering Scottie Stephenson

Scottie Stephenson's Parking Space at CBC

Capitol Broadcasting has kept Scottie Stephenson’s parking space reserved in her memory, as a reminder of her legacy as an integral part of CBC’s history.

Many CBC’ers have asked about the parking spot reserved for Scottie Stephenson near the entrance of the company headquarters on Western Blvd.  Today is a special anniversary, which seems an appropriate time to provide a reminder.  Scottie Stephenson, one of the pillars on which this company began, died on April 15 in 2002.  She had worked for Capitol Broadcasting for 58 years, a tenure that ended only with her death.

Louise “Scottie” Stephenson came to work at WRAL-AM Radio in 1944 where she wrote ad copy, answered the phones, posted the daily casualty list during WWII, gathered birth announcements from the local hospital and became the “Lost & Found” lady on the air. When an accountant was needed, she balanced the books, when reports needed to be filed with the FCC, she studied requirements and submitted information with perfection.

Scottie Stephenson

Scottie Stephenson

She worked for CBC longer than any other employee, including its founder, A.J. Fletcher.  Forty-nine of those years she sat on the CBC Board and served as Corporate Secretary. She served in that capacity for all CBC’s subsidiaries and for a myriad of companies CBC acquired and sold over the years.

“I don’t know how we could have done what we have done without Scottie Stephenson,” said CBC CEO & Board Chair Jim Goodmon.

Stephenson celebrated so many years at CBC, that Goodmon eventually ran out of special gifts to present to her at the annual Long Term Employee Luncheon.  So one year he reserved a parking space for her, close to the building.  At the time CBC’s headquarters were located on Hillsborough Street.

Years later, the CBC Corporate building on Western Blvd underwent renovations, so that all Corporate employees could be relocated under one roof.  Stephenson was adverse to the idea of moving, and having a long walk to her office.  So Goodmon created a reserved parking space for her, directly in front of the building.

Sadly, Stephenson died shortly before the renovations were complete, but Goodmon decided to still reserve the parking space for her, as a reminder to employees of the legacy of a great woman who helped make CBC the community pillar it is today.

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