Bull City Strong Day

The Bulls honored those who stepped up to help with the recent gas explosion in Durham.CBC Vice President of Special Projects George Habel wrote about the Bull City Strong Day celebrated at the Durham Bulls on the first day of May.  Here’s what he had to share in his blog Note to Self:

Bull City Strong

We celebrate and honor first responders at the DBAP today. May 1st is Bull City Strong Day.

The gas explosion in Durham was a tragic event on April 10th, but it could have been 20x worse if not for our courageous Bull City firefighters. As gas was silently building up, they cleared the building that was moments later blown to smithereens. Mission accomplished; mass casualties averted.

First Pitch

A first responder/first pitch this morning from Durham
firefighter, Acting Captain Phillip “Speedy” Faucette.
His Engine One, B-Shift was first on the scene when the Duke St. building exploded April 10th.

Listening to news coverage of yesterday’s campus shooting at UNC Charlotte, I’ve repeatedly heard the police described as “running toward the gun fire.” That’s a heavy concept – running toward gun fire…or clearing a building that could be filling with gas. We think of these people as brave and courageous, but there’s a transcendent aspect to this. They’re willing to put their lives on the line for the safety of others.

We know this intuitively about the men and women serving in our military, and first responders deserve more attention and credit for their sacrificial work. The Durham One Fund is worthy of your support.

Images from April 10th in downtown Durham,
on Duke Street and from the DBAP.

Thanks to Corp’s George Habel for these capcom photos.

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