Listen and Learn on the Capitol Broadcasting Podcast Network

CBC PodcastFor years listeners and viewers have been able to find Capitol Broadcasting on television, radio, online and mobile, but did you know you can now listen to variety of CBC features via podcast?  The Capitol Broadcasting Podcast Network includes news, sports, documentaries, craft beer, NC politics, the Durham Bulls and much more on the 21 shows in our network.

“Our show lineup is evolving as we put some show into hiatus and add new shows,” explained CBC Audience Development General Manager Shelly Leslie.  “We have big plans to grow our network to 50 shows in the next 18 months. We’ll be expanding into episodic, long-form storytelling in the true crime and news genres as well as looking to partner with independent producers to add variety to our network.”

She explained that podcasting is currently on the front burner at CBC.

“We are all in on podcasting,” said Leslie.  “It’s a top priority for the AudDev team and we’re working across the company with TV, Radio, New Media and the Bulls to expand our offerings. We believe it’s an important medium and new revenue stream for us as listeners change behaviors and the world moves to streaming media.”

Check out all of the offerings and take a listen:


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