Capitol Broadcasting Company Premieres Original Series, This Is Human Trafficking

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'This is Human Trafficking'Capitol Broadcasting Company announces the premiere of an original five-part series, This Is Human Trafficking.

The series is one part documentary, one part drama. Together they form a unique and compelling storytelling approach that offers a rare look at what trafficking is, how it happens and who is targeted.

“We tell the story of human trafficking in a way that makes it watchable. It’s so often an invisible crime. It has to be brought out of the shadows,” says Shelly Leslie, General Manager of CBC’s original programming unit, Audience Development. “Our goal is to open your eyes, and bust the myths and misconceptions. Only when we know what to look for can we, as a society, be part of stopping it.”

Christy Croft, Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist at NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA) praises CBC’s sensitive approach to this complex issue. She says “The series shows compassion and respect for survivors and explains prevention in a way it is not typically presented — with a focus on shifting cultural norms to reduce vulnerability.”


Each episode tackles a different facet of the issue, illustrating how it most often occurs and what situations lead to trafficking.

  • Episode 1: An overview of the problem and why North Carolina ranks in the top 10 for trafficking
  • Episode 2: The rampant business of illicit massage
  • Episode 3: Labor trafficking, including agriculture and door-to-door sales
  • Episode 4: Sex trafficking and child exploitation
  • Episode 5:  Who’s working to prevent it and what viewers can do to help

This is Human Trafficking can be viewed two ways:

  • On type “this is human trafficking” in the search box.
  • On the free WRAL streaming app for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV and Android TV. To stream WRAL on your TV or connected device, see instructions here.

The series has already set the record as the most watched original program on WRAL’s streaming TV app.

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