WRAL-FM Becomes MIX One Hit Wonder Point Five for Wednesday, September 25

MIX One Hit Wonder Point FiveMIX 101.5 is celebrating National One Hit Wonder Wednesday, September 25, 2019.  MIX will play one-hit wonder songs highlighted throughout the day starting at 6am, socially post fun facts about the music and even change the station name to MIX One Hit Wonder Point Five for the day!

WRAL-FM Program Director Michele Williams is the brainchild behind the one-hit idea.

“We are always looking for ways to surprise and entertain our audience, and I thought One Hit Wonder Day would be a great way to do that,” she said.

Williams explained the inspiration behind her plan:

The idea for One Hit Wonder Day came from the odd fact that there is a National One Hit Wonder Day celebrated on September 25th.  I thought it would be fun for MIX to ‘flip format’ for the day and become MIX One Hit Wonder Point Five.  It would give us an opportunity to surprise our listeners with some songs they haven’t heard on the radio in a long time.  Songs like ‘The Macarena’ or ‘Tubthumping,’ ‘Come On Eileen’ or ‘Lovefool’ by the Cardigans are fun to hear from time to time and a good way for us to live up to our positioning statement ‘The Variety That Makes You Feel Good.’ 

MIX will play the station’s regular songs, too, and sprinkling in some one hit wonders throughout the day.

So tune in to MIX One Hit Wonder Point Five all day Wednesday for a variety of blast from the past hits.

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Jason Newton, Kristen Kokkelenberg & Michele Williams for this capcom scoop & for these capcom graphics.

MIX One Hit Wonder Point Five

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