WRAL-FM’s Cornerstone Radio Now Available 24/7 Via App

Cornerstone RadioNow a CBC Radio favorite is available 24/7/365!  Cornerstone, WRAL-FM’s contemporary Christian programming now has an interactive app.

Capcom spoke with Cornerstone host Jami Caskey about the brand new feature that will make Cornerstone Radio easy to access and experience.

“Cornerstone has been playing contemporary Christian music Sunday mornings on MIX for more than 30 years…I’ve been hosting it for 27 years now,” she said.  “And all that time, folks in the Triangle have asked me, `Why don’t we have a full-time Christian FM station HERE?’     Well, it took a few decades, but now we do.”

Besides being a Sunday morning program on MIX 101.5, Cornerstone has been available on WRAL-HD2 for several years.  But the app means more consistency in being able to listen to the program.

“The beauty of the Cornerstone Radio app is, you never lose the signal!” explained Caskey.  “So you can take it anywhere in the world, and share it with folks all over the world who could be encouraged by the music and messages!”

The team at CBC Radio worked together to build out the app, set up the Alexa skill so listeners can say “Alexa, play Cornerstone Radio,” and to basically make Cornerstone more readily accessible.

Cornerstone app

A screenshot of the Cornerstone Radio app.

“According to Neilson, CCM (contemporary Christian music) is one of the most steadily growing genres, in terms of how many folks are listening to the format,” said Caskey.  “I think it reflects that with all the turmoil in the world, people want to hear music that encourages them, and that reflects their faith.  And because MIX 101.5 is an adult contemporary station, the CCM style of music has always dovetailed beautifully with our regular programming.  The songs SOUND the same, have the same production value, just have a message geared toward faith and encouragement.”

She continued, “Now that we have the Cornerstone radio app and Cornerstone HD2, we can deliver that same sound and messaging at its highest quality to wherever you are, whenever you want to hear it. For folks in the Triangle, that means no more poking around on your radio dial every day trying to find the sliver of CCM signal, depending on what area you’re in.”

Besides the greater reliability of receiving the Cornerstone music via better technology, the music being offered is on the cutting edge as well.

“Jim Kelly is working with us on the music, and we’re introducing new music faster than some other area Christian music stations, so you’re up to date with what’s trending,” said Caskey.

And if that is not enough, Cornerstone app has another special feature.

“The app is also interactive, with a local focus…so not only will churches be able to share events like concerts, vacation bible school, special speaker events…but anyone will be able to use the `Shout Out’ feature to record and share their favorite bible verse, for instance,” explained Caskey.  “Local worship teams and choirs will be able to submit audio and video of them performing CCM music that we can then share.  We wanted the Cornerstone app to be a great outlet to encourage each other, and encourage the community.”

Caskey is excited about the new platform for Cornerstone and being able to share the latest contemporary Christian music faster, as well as old favorites.  She is looking forward to interacting with listeners and helping the feature grow and be responsive.

“We are WIDE OPEN to suggestions and feedback!” she said.  “Like any ministry, we hope to learn and grow as time goes by, and that takes feedback from our community- which is ALL of us.  So please download the app, listen and share it with friends…and let us know what you think!”

Download the Cornerstone app in the Apple and Google Play stores.  Download it, like it, share it.  Listen!  And use the ‘Shout Out’ feature to share your favorite Bible verse, encouragement, your worship team performance…all kinds of fun!


Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Jami Caskey for this capcom scoop & to WRAL-FM’s Jason Newton for capcom scoop & graphics.


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