CBC New Media Tapped to Participate in TV Membership Project

CBC New Media Group has been selected as a pilot media company partner in a unique project sponsored by Accelerate Local.  CBC New Media was chosen along with FOX Television Stations and Meredith Corp to partner on the project.  The trio will work on the TV Membership Project “to research and develop new modes of consumer engagement and revenue via membership and other direct to consumer models for local television broadcasters.”

“This is truly a first-of-its-kind project, and we’re eager to uncover how TV broadcasters can tap into the membership economy to create new consumer revenue streams,” said Jed Williams, chief strategy officer, Local Media Association. “Testing new business models is exactly why we developed and launched Accelerate Local.”

Local Media Association created Accelerate Local as a vehicle to reinvent business models for news.

“We want to explore how an extremely loyal audience might embrace various membership offerings,” said John Conway, general manager for new media at Capitol Broadcasting Company. “That is the audience segment with which we want to build our deepest connection across our various platforms.”

He added, “Having been part of the Branded Content Project earlier this year, we know the value Accelerate Local brings to participants in its research and pilot projects.”

Two focus groups were held Wednesday, Nov. 20, in Raleigh by Magid to help inform the pilot programs. The focus groups will be followed by a quantitative survey of the Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville DMA.

Research results will be presented in January to participating media companies, who will then develop and test their pilot membership programs.

Thanks to NMG’s John Conway for contributions to this capcom story.

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