Microspace Serves with CellCast

Chris Hall

MCC Operations Supervisor Chris Hall keeps things running smoothly in Network Control.

CBC’s satellite division, Microspace Communications Corporation, has spent a busy year netting positive results.  One facet of their current work is their expanded approaches to selling Microspace products and services.  The team has been exploring and implementing new revenue opportunities unlike their traditional satellite-based revenue streams, while at the same time growing the satellite part of the Microspace business.

MCC Administrative Coordinator Jessica Jobes shared about one of Microspace’s hot offerings:

One of the areas in which I’m involved on a daily basis is our CellCast business line. We sell managed services to our customers. In the case of CellCast, this means that we install a router, one that is used as either a backup or primary internet solution at a location, such as an optometrist’s office or a restaurant, and then we monitor and track the amount of data that is used.

An example of this would be that if a restaurant lost their primary internet connection, they could rely on the router we’ve installed at their location as a backup solution. We also install primary services for customers that can’t get broadband provisioned quickly. Then we alert the customer when predetermined thresholds are reached; this way, the customer has control of and is aware of what’s happening at any specific location.

 It’s a great ‘hands off’ approach for the customer, and managed services is something we already do for our other clients, so the additional monitoring aligns with the regular routines of our engineers.

VELOCITY CellCastJobes says that a key selling point for Microspace’s CellCast service is their extremely quick turnaround.

“Our competitors cannot offer the turnaround options that we can,” she said.  “We keep our devices in stock and can have them delivered the next day. We even have options for same day delivery across the U.S. It’ll cost you, but we can do it!”

Stay tuned to capcom for more about the great things going on at Microspace in 2019.

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Thanks to MCC’s Jessica Jobes for contributions to this capcom story and for these capcom photos.

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