Award Winner DBBC’s Cassie Fowler Shares “Incredible” Experience from Her First Baseball Winter Meetings

Cassie Fowler

DBBC’s Cassie Fowler (2nd from right) and her fellow Women in Baseball Leadership Scholarship winners got a chance to sit down with President of Minor League Baseball Pat O’Connor at the Bsaeball Winter Meetings in San Diego, CA, during the week of December 8-12, 2019.

DBBC Assistant Group Sales Manager Cassie Fowler recently took her first trip to California for a very special reason. Last fall Minor League Baseball announced Fowler had been selected as a recipient of 2019 Women in Baseball Leadership Scholarship.  The scholarship included registration, airfare and lodging for the 2019 Baseball Winter Meetings held in San Diego from December 8-12.

Fowler was thrilled to receive the opportunity and took full advantage of the experience.

“Besides coming down with a stomach bug the day we left for San Diego, my first trip to Winter Meetings was incredible,” she said.  “There were so many people in attendance and majority of them were senior management across Minor and Major League Baseball. So, I was around a lot of important people. There were also a lot of job seekers in attendance too and I had the opportunity to do on the fly interviews with potential candidates needed for the Bulls.”

As part of her award, Fowler had a reserved seat at the front of the opening session with the other award winners.

“The whole week was a lot of fun, but my favorite part was the Women in Baseball event,” she said.  “It was so incredibly informative, and it gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself and build connections with multiple intelligent and talented women in baseball.”

Fowler and the other three winners were honored at the Women in Baseball Leadership Event.  Before event began, Fowler got special access to a very important figure at the meetings.

“… I had the opportunity to sit down with President of Minor League Baseball, Pat O’Connor to discuss how we as women feel regarding the current state of this industry and what still needs focus and improvement,” she said.

Cassie Fowler

DBBC’s Cassie Fowler got to attend her first-ever Baseball Winter Games meetings in December 2019 after winning a Women in Baseball Leadership Scholarship. The meetings took place in San Diego, CA.

Fowler continued, “Then at the actual event we discussed the predictive index screening everyone took and how our results reflect our personalities, strengths, weaknesses and what type of job roles are better suited for each of us based on those results. It was a very cool event to be a part of and I learned a lot about myself.”

The week offered many learning opportunities, and Fowler took advantage of as many as possible.

“There were seminars on a variety of topics, and I chose to attend a group sales session, partnerships session, season ticket session and even a TikTok session,” she said.

Fowler added, “Throughout the week there was a trade show going on where I followed [DBBC Retail Manager] Bryan Wilson around one day and watch every vendor obsess over him,” she quipped.  “But I also had the opportunity to speak to vendors and learn about products and opportunities that could better our organization. The last day of the event there was a gala at Petco park, home of the San Diego Padres. I was able to see all the different areas of the ballpark and enjoy different foods throughout – for free! I met a lot of great people that I plan to continue to connect with in the future.”

She thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the fact the meetings afforded her the chance to travel to California.

“San Diego was beautiful to be in for the first time and our team dinner was AMAZING!”  she said.  “[Corp Senior VP] Michael Goodmon joined us for that dinner.”

She came away with a great deal of new knowledge both about working in the sports field and in her career in general.

“I learned a lot about new programs and practices that I can implement at the Bulls to better our brand and fan experience,” said Fowler.  “I learned a lot about how we are told in life you can be whatever you want to be, but in reality, our personalities do not allow us to be successful in anything and everything. We each thrive in specific positions that require us to play to our personality and strengths. If you are forcing yourself into a role, but your personality and strengths do not match well with that position then we set ourselves up to be unhappy and struggle through it all.”

Fowler was one of four women selected for the 2019 Women in Baseball Scholarship.  She joined Julia McNeil of the Quad River City Bandits, Heather Brunsting of the Toledo Mud Hens, and Stephanie Chapman of the Biloxi Shuckers, at the Winter Baseball Meetings as 2019 honorees.

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