Bill Leslie: Shoutouts to Those Spreading Calm, Compassion Amid Coronavirus Fears

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A man checks his cellphone near shelves at a New York City Trader Joe’s market in disarray, Thursday, March 12, 2020. Coronavirus fears have some New Yorkers stocking up on essentials as uncertainty grows over what would be available and whether they would be able to leave home to get what they need. (Sarah Vaynerman via AP)

I’d like to give a shout-out to some good people I encountered on a bad day. Thursday was a rotten day by all accounts, with growing coronavirus fears and financial markets in turmoil. Despite all of the collective anxiety there were people who exuded a sense of calm, compassion and courage.

My first shout-out goes to my wife Cindy, who spent the entire day doing good deeds for others as well as our family.

My second shout-out goes to Costco-Apex greeters Todd and Irma for their warm smiles and kind words on a frantic day of shopping.

My third shout-out goes to the friendly folks at Auto Park Honda for quickly handling maintenance on Cindy’s car.

My fourth shout-out goes to my awesome physician, Dr. Michael Gagliardi, for graciously taking time to answer my coronavirus questions during my annual physical exam.

My fifth shout-out goes to Gov. Roy Cooper for his strong leadership and calm demeanor during briefings on the health crisis.

We could all use some good news. Please email me at to share your shout-outs for people who have exuded a sense of calm, compassion and courage during this crisis.

Thanks to WRAL contributor Bill Leslie for this capcom story & to for this capcom photo.

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