CBC and WRAL: Here to Help Creates Webinar Series to Support, Inform Local Triangle Businesses

Capitol Broadcasting and WRAL are Here to Help local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.  A brand new webinar series launches this Thursday at 2pm with advice from local experts and ideas from business owners on weathering the coronavirus shutdown.

The first webinar in the Here to Help: Local Business Virtual Conference Series will host a panel from legal, accounting, banking, marketing and other industries and provide tips on surviving, pivoting and readjusting to the current environment.

Registration is free.  Go to wral.com/webinar to register

Creating a Helpful Resource for Local Businesses
In addressing the question of what CBC could be doing to help our local business owners, the team come up with the idea of the Here to Help webinar series.

“In times of crisis, CBC knows what to do! Work together to serve our communities first,” said CBC Audience Development General Manager Shelly Leslie.  “The idea started with CBC Vice President of Radio Brian Maloney. He reached out to me, Corp Director of Business Development Chris Overby and a few others to brainstorm how we could support local businesses in their biggest time of need. Chris pulled together a cross-company team with people from digital solutions, TV sales, digital sales, radio and AudDev. In just a few days, we had a concept and a plan, curating good ideas from diverse viewpoints then sharing the workload to make it happen. Like many things happening across the company right now, this is teamwork at its finest.”

“In true CBC fashion, when I mentioned the idea the team jumped on it and will make it happen this Thursday!” said Maloney.  “None of it would have happened without the great internal network we have.”
— CBC Vice President of Radio Brian Maloney

The team acted quickly to pull together what became a webinar series for local business owners, to help provide advice and resources for them.

“Business owners don’t need to know what they can do six months from now – they need to know what can they do right now to keep their business afloat amongst a worldwide crisis,” said Corp Business Development Associate Courtney Phillips.

The Here to Help: Local Business Virtual Conference Series launches this Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 2pm.

“It will be an hour long of a variety of experts from presidents of local associations to CEOs answering questions, giving best practices, and sharing resources all focused around the audience of local business owners,” explained Phillips.   “Chris Overby has been working nonstop on securing the best content and speakers for the webinar, and I am really excited for our lineup.”

The CBC team leapt into action with radio, television and digital divisions sharing, running advertising and announcing on-air with the newly created logo.  A landing page for online registrations was designed, posted and launched.

“It takes a village, and we’ve got a pretty good one here!” said Phillips.

Thanks to Corp’s Courtney Phillips for these capcom graphics.

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