MIX 101.5 Uses #WorkFromHome Selfies with Listeners as Fundraiser for Food Bank

MIX 101.5 Work From Home Selfies

MIX 101.5 staffers shared their #WorkFromHome selfies to help raise funds for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

WRAL-FM MIX 101.5 created a MIX of fun things for a good cause last week.  Taking selfies + working from home = donations to help the Triangle community.  MIX ran a #WorkFromHome promotion on the station’s Facebook page.  For every selfie posted in the comment, showing MIX how listeners work from home, WRAL-FM donated $1 to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, up to $500.

“Let’s spread the love and positivity as we become MIX 101.5, Your Work From Home Station!” read the post.

Listeners dove in.

“We reached our goal on this!!” reported WRAL-FM Digital Assets Coordinator Kristen Kokkelenberg.  “Wahoo, tons of cute pictures and lots of interaction with our listeners, I loved it! We had more than enough comments by the end of the week.”

Kokkelenberg executed the mini-fundraiser to promote MIX’s updated-for-the-times branding as “Your Work From Home Station.”  In another example of connection, the idea originally came from WRAL-FM Promotions Director Jason Newton after he received a fun email from WRAL-FM Senior Account Executive Steve Motter.

Kristen Kokkelenberg

WRAL-FM’s Kristen Kokkelenberg’s selfie helped launch a fun fundraiser for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

“It all started with Steve Motter sending a pic of just his slippers saying he and the working dads are hard at it,” said Newton.  “Then pics started popping up everywhere on social just like Kristen’s.   I just thought it would be an easy/fun way to help generate some support.”

Stay connected with MIX 101.5 via social media.  And listen on the radio, download the MIX app, enable the Alexa Skill, stream online.  WRAL-FM will keep providing The Variety That Makes You Feel Good While You Work From Home!

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Jason Newton for this capcom scoop & for these capcom photos.

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