TV Technology Features WRAL-TV’s Ability to Adapt and Respond to COVID-19

WRAL-TV TV Technology articleTV Technology has featured WRAL-TV for the station’s adaptation and responsiveness in reporting during the COVID-19 crisis.  “WRAL Keeps News Staff, Viewers Connected” focuses on how the WRAL-TV crew reports from home, stays safe in the field and has made adjustments in the newsroom to keep social distance.  Tom Butts spoke with WRAL-TV Director of News Operations and Special Projects Leesa Moore and WRAL-TV Technical Project Coordinator Tony Gupton for the piece.

Butt quotes Moore:

“We realized early on that we needed to act quickly and decisively and our primary focus was how we could distance key personnel from the newsroom,” said Leesa Moore, director of news operations and special projects for WRAL-TV. “That was our primary focus.”

And later in the story:

“We started producing nightly specials at 7:00 called ‘Facts Not Fear,’ and we started telling viewers early on, you can trust us, we’re going to give you the facts, we’re not going to try and invoke fear,” she said. “And I think it really paid off, if they don’t think we’re ‘walking the walk,’ they call us out on it. And we answer every single email personally.

Read the entire article:

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