WRAL-FM Duo Continue Trying Tacos During COVID: “Let’s Talk About Tacos”

Let's Talk About TacosWRAL-FM Two Men & A Mom’s Bryan Lord & WRAL-FM Promotions Director Jason Newton turned a Tuesday tradition into a video series.  The pair love tacos and have made it a mission to sample their favorite Tuesday food all over the Triangle.  Their series “Let’s Talk About Tacos” currently appears bi-weekly on the Two Men and a Mom Facebook page.  During the coronavirus pandemic the duo is practicing health and safety measures by working remotely with take out and delivery tacos.

Here’s the story of how “Let’s Talk About Tacos” came into being and is now continuing through COVID.

“If I’m working out, I’m thinking about food,” explained Lord.  “It’s really no surprise that the concept and name hit me while on the rowing machine. I thought, ‘YES! There’s something in this.’ For one, Jason and I have long shared a passion for protein-packed tortilla shells. Second, for a longtime we heard from our wives that we were spending too much money going out for tacos every week. Therefore, we turned tacos into ‘something for work.’ Point, husbands.”

The duo typically went to the same place or Taco Bell every week.

“Silliness aside — we’ve all felt cheated after spending money on mediocre tacos,” continued Lord.  “It’s not a good feeling. Our show aims to help taco lovers like us spend their money wisely. And we don’t pull punches. If a taco comes out looking like your second-grader’s Lunchable, we’ll call it like it is.”

Bryan Lord & Jason Newton

Pre-coronavirus WRAL-FM’s Bryan Lord (left) & Jason Newton tried tacos at Triangle restaurants like Zambrero’s in-person for “Let’s Talk About Tacos.”

The pair have released upwards of 30 episodes thus far.  Newton is enjoying turning a favorite foodie pastime into an adventure for MIX 101.5 listeners.

“I love tacos, I always have, and I make it a point to have them on Tuesday for Taco Tuesday,” said Newton.  “It’s been great I get to hang out with my best bud and try lots of new tacos and places. It’s the best of both worlds!”

The taco travels have broadened his horizons.

“I’m a Plain jane type of food eater, and Bryan is the exact opposite, so I’ve been coming out of my comfort soon and trying new things, which has been fun,” said Newton.  “My new all-time favorite taco is the chori-pollo, which in my mind is the best taco around!”

The series is a team effort, and the guys welcome input.

“We’re constantly brainstorming places to try and love when fans of the series suggest new places!” said Lord.  “Keep ‘em coming!​ Here’s the thing, our show would be nothing if it weren’t for our producers Alan Buck, Kristen Kokkelenberg and Megan Keenan. It’s wonderful having supportive friends that work for tacos.”

Jason Newton & Bryan Lord

During the coronoavirus shutdown, WRAL-FM’s Jason Newton (left) & Bryan Lord are trying tacos from take out or delivery “together” via Zoom.

While COVID-19 has prompted the temporary closing of many Triangle taco-friendly restaurants, several are still open for curbside pick up and delivery.  Lord and Newton are powering through to continue the Let’s Talk About Taco series.

“We are doing an episode every other week,” reported Newton.  “First delivery was Les Tres Meguyes and the second one was Taco Bell.”

Stay tuned for the next episode on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 – Cinco De Mayo!

Newton and Lord are open to suggestions for take out tacos to try.  Feel free to leave comments on the Two Men and a Mom Facebook page.

Episodes currently released every other Taco Tuesday by noon on the Two Men and a Mom Facebook page.


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