WRAL’s Brain Game Celebrates 25th Season

WRAL’s Local High School Quiz Show Celebrates 25th Season Kickoff Last Saturday, November 21st

Brain GameWRAL is thrilled to celebrate the 25th Season of Brain Game in a year like no other. Brain Game is WRAL’s own local high school quiz show where local schools compete against one another. This past Saturday, November 21st at Noon, Brain Game kicked off the season in a new virtual format, a hurdle that had to be taken to make the show possible this year.

“WRAL is proud to be able to continue providing area students an opportunity to show off their skills,” says Local Production Manager, Don Ursich. “We asked students if we could make Brain Game happen this year, would they compete. We have never received a more astounding ‘yes’ from schools and students on the continuing of this show, especially in a school year like this. We are excited about our new virtual format to bring enjoyment and trivia once again to the Triangle area.”

By taking COVID-19 precautions into consideration, the WRAL team was able to create a virtual format for teams to compete from the comfort of their homes. WRAL is used to taking on these innovative technological “firsts,” which is why the team knew exactly how to pull this off.

“WRAL never lets anything get in the way when it comes to serving our viewers, not even a pandemic,” says Mark Roberts, WRAL’s Brain Game Host. “So many students, teachers and parents told us they wanted Brain Game to continue. A lot of dedicated people worked very hard to make ‘The smartest 30 minutes on TV’ work on Zoom. Get your crania in gear, Brain Game is back!”

Students are excited to be able to compete during this school year like no other. With most high school students learning from home through virtual learning since March, Brain Game gives them a way to interact with one another.

“I’m so excited that we can still play Brain Game even during the pandemic,” says Atticus Crothers from East Chapel Hill High School. “My teammates and I always have a great time playing and it’s a super fun diversion during this time.”

Brain Game coaches are excited to see their students compete as well. Extra-curricular activities have been largely canceled due to the pandemic. This special season of Brain Game will give these students the chance to participate in a competitive setting during this virtual learning period.

“As a teacher during this pandemic, I truly appreciate WRAL continuing this Brain Game competition for our high school students” says Glorybeth Becker, a Brain Game coach from Triangle Math & Science Academy. “It provides some normalcy during these trying times and it gives us something to look forward to. Our zoom practices give our students an opportunity to interact and collaborate with each other in a setting other than academic. Thank you very much for all your efforts.”

Celia Rowland, a Brain Game coach from the longtime competition team of Enloe High School, echoed this by saying, “We have participated in Brain Game almost every year since 2000. We are very excited to be entering our third decade of competition against schools in the WRAL viewing area! The team has had practice weekly all this semester in preparation! Bring it, Enloe Eagles!”

More information about the show can be found on WRAL.com on the Brain Game page including rules and regulations and previous seasons. Don’t miss the 25th season premiere of Brain Game on WRAL this Saturday, November 28th at Noon!  Find the rest of the season schedule HERE.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Don Ursich for this capcom story & graphic.

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