MIX 101.5 Radiothon Kicks Off Today, Lord Feels Motivation, Legacy

MIX 101.5 Radiothon

WRAL-FM’s Bryan Lord and Sarah King broadcast live from the lobby of Duke Childrens Hospital during MIX 101.5’s 25th Annual Radiothon on Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

WRAL-FM is not letting COVID stand in the way of supporting the families and staff at Duke Children’s Hospital.  The 26th Annual MIX 101.5 Radiothon for the kids at Duke kicks off today at 6am.

“We look forward to these two days every year,” said WRAL-FM Morning Personality Bryan Lord.  “Connecting with the families. Feeling at the end of the day you’ve made a difference in the community.”

WRAL-FM Brand/Content Manager Sammy Simpson is participating in Radiothon for the first time this year.

“In these uncertain times, MIX is ready to help once again help make a difference for kid’s who can’t wait for a return to normal,” he said.  “Our team is ready for creating a safe campaign to share Triangle area children and their families’ personal stories of hope, courage and wonder to support another successful Radiothon.”

The 2020 MIX 101.5 Radiothon for Duke Children’s Hospital began at 6am this morning, Tuesday, December 15, and will run til 7pm this evening.  The two-day event continues tomorrow from 6am until around 7pm.  This year instead of broadcasting live from the Duke lobby, the MIX staff will conduct remote interviews from the WRAL-FM studios.

“Every year it feels like an incredible accomplishment,” said Lord.  “And it’s hard work. A lot of people put in a lot of hours even before we’re even on-air asking for the first pledge. That said, all of us at Highwoods walk the halls feel a sense of motivation seeing 25 years of doctors, nurses, children and MIX employees (past and present) displayed in frames holding big checks with big numbers. Over $18 million raised for sick children in 25 years.  This Radiothon is a testament to the power of audio, the station’s legacy of caring and compassionate employees and the generosity of our community of listeners. This year’s will operate differently than years passed. But the heart of why this is so important remains the same.”

Tune in to WRAL-FM for the next two days to listen, learn and give!

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