Revisit MIX Christmas Choir Competition Favorites This Season

MIX Christmas Choir Competition Rewind

WRAL-FM knows that schools across The Triangle put weeks and months of preparation into their submissions for MIX 101.5’s annual Christmas Choir Competition, and that due to the current landscape and remote learning that this would be nearly impossible. That’s why, thanks to our friends at Wake Med Children’s, MIX is going to highlight the […]

Stories: The Heart Behind the Success of MIX’s 2020 Radiothon

Taylor & Melissa Blanton

“When you’re broadcasting from a studio rather than the hospital your emotions are protected from the raw experience of being inside of a children’s hospital. Duke Children’s is a place of hope, yes. But it’s also a place of pain. It grounds your perspective. It reminds us why we’re doing what we do. My fear in doing a Radiothon […]