Looking for a job? New talent? Introducing WRAL TechWire’s weekly job resource guide

jobsWRAL TechWire has created a new feature to keep Triangle tech job seekers informed:

As WRAL TechWire reported last week, the new norm of remote work has led many outside companies to flock to the Triangle searching for a highly-skilled tech workforce. At the same time, the region’s existing startups are boosting the size of their workforce to meet the increased market demand for tech-enabled services.

Recognizing the heightened demand for tech talent across the Triangle area, WRAL TechWire is introducing a new weekly feature to keep our readers posted on local job and internship opportunities.

Every Monday, we will round up the latest information from the region’s top job boards, offering a breakdown of how many jobs are posted, which companies are hiring and for what positions.

We’ve also included upcoming job fairs, student-centric resources from local colleges and universities, and a list of Twitter accounts that track local job openings.

Find out more information, as well as a list of links to the latest HERE.

Thanks to WRAL Tech Wire’s Shannon Cuthrell for this Capcom story & graphic.

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