Rocky Mount Mills Finalist for Remote Work Hub Site

Rocky Mount Mills water tower

The iconic water tower at Rocky Mount Mills.

Rocky Mount Mills has been selected as one of five finalists by Common for the company’s Remote Work Hub concept.  Common, a residential brand and operator that designs, leases and manages, multifamily properties, is creating a new kind of live/work product with the Remote Work Hub.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated existing trends toward remote work and a distributed workforce,” stated Common in the Request for Proposals for a Remote Work Hub.

The team seeks to strike while the opportunities for remote work that have become more desired by employees are now more accepted by employers due to the sudden changes necessitated by the pandemic.

Rocky Mount Mills, A Perfect Place for Remote Working and Living
Rocky Mount Mills jumped at the chance to submit a proposal.

“This kind of came out of the blue in the fall of last year,” explained RMM Development Manager Evan Covington Chavez.  “I came across an RFP from Common asking for proposals of locations to build what they are calling Remote Work Hubs.”

Although the request for proposals was released in August, Covington Chavez did not run across it until October, seven days before the submittal deadline.  But the opportunity was too good to pass up so she pulled the proposal together.

“I got some great support from our Chamber and Economic Development arms in Rocky Mount to pull together our submittal,” she said of the quick turnaround.

Rocky Mount Mills, with its mix of residential and office space, fit perfectly into what Common’s concept.

“The hypothesis is that large companies (tech and others) are looking to reshape the traditional view of office and that if locations can offer workers a great place to live (with amenities tailored to them) and some creative spaces for working, these folks would leave the high-cost of living places where they are to be part of a community,” said Covington Chavez.  “To be honest, when I read the RFP it seemed so tailor-made to Rocky Mount Mills that it seemed crazy to not submit our site as an option.”

The Rocky Mount Mills team already has a spot in mind.

“We proposed that the Remote Work Hub would complement the existing amenities and working and living spaces that we already have,” said Covington Chavez.  “Where?  We are proposing to have this be built in Caromount Mills, which is the mill that is adjacent to the village (there is a great power house building and smokestack that you see when you turn on Elm St. to go towards the main campus).”


The Power Plant and Smokestack at Caromount at Rocky Mount Mills.

The process is now beginning to potentially make the Remote Work Hub a reality on the RMM campus.

“We are now one of the five finalists and have the benefit of working with their in-house design studio on some preliminary designs and brainstorming around what exactly the Hub would offer,” she said.  “This process is just kicking off and will continue for some time.  Common has adjusted their initial plan of action because they found five finalists with very diverse projects that are in different phases so they are hoping that they will be able to partner with each of the finalists to bring these projects to fruition.”

She continued, “It may have been by chance that we discovered this RFP, but it is not by chance that we were prepared to respond with confidence knowing that we bring the strength of a great site that emphasizes the existing assets available in Rocky Mount and experience operating a large site that caters to a variety of needs. Most importantly, we understand and share Common’s desire to challenge the status quo – it’s why we approach real estate as we have. This is what excites us and drives us to question ‘what’s next’ rather than rest on our laurels. The table is set and we are ready to begin the work.”

Common is driven by three main principles, “affordability, convenience and togetherness.”  Rocky Mount Mills is poised to provide a platform with all three.


Learn more about the finalists and the next stages of the Remote Work Hub on Common’s blog:

Rocky Mount Mills

Rocky Mount Mills Historic District

Thanks to RMM’s Evan Covington Chavez for these Capcom photos.

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