CBC/WRAL Help Raise Over $37,000 for PBS North Carolina During Annual Fundraiser

Lena Tillett

WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Lena Tillett talks about her love of public television for CBC/WRAL Night at PBS North Carolina’s Neighbor By Neighbor On-Air Fundraiser on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

Capitol Broadcasting employees were unable to volunteer in person for the PBS North Carolina spring fundraiser for 2021, but thankfully the CBC/WRAL Night at the Neighbor By Neighbor On-Air Fundraiser still helped raise over $37,000.  The two-decades old tradition continued on Wednesday, March 10, despite the pandemic.

“We are thrilled to report that the Capitol Broadcasting/WRAL team helped PBS North Carolina raise $37,832 during our NEIGHBOR BY NEIGHBOR ON-AIR FUNDRAISER 2021!” said PBS NC Sponsorship Coordinator James Scott.  “With the quarantine and the past year that we’ve had, this is fantastic.”

WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Lena Tillett represented CBC and WRAL during the evening, via a Zoom interview.  She made the presentation of a $10,000 check to the public television station on behalf of CBC.

“CBC has been partnering with PBS North Carolina for a couple of decades now,” she told viewers.  “It is certainly a fortified relationship and one that I know that the Goodmons certainly treasure.  In terms of commonalities, we are both about serving our viewers, serving our community and bringing the stories that you may otherwise not have otherwise have known about.  And that’s what I love so much about PBS North Carolina.  And that’s what we share with WRAL we work really, really hard to bring all communities to the forew front.  Sharing stories from every inch of our viewing area and I know PBS Noth Carolina is dedicated to doing the same things.”

During the evening programming, PBS North Carolina shared an interview with Tillett, which will continue to run throughout the month-long campaign.

“What I love most about public television is that you can turn on PBS North Carolina, and learn something about your history, learn something about the state’s history that you would not have known about, and then that allows you to explore topics that you have grown to be interested in as a result of that programming,” she said.  “Public television allows us to see a world we wouldn’t have known about and then take it further, explore it ourselves.”

In years past CBC employees have volunteered on the in-studio phone bank during the evening.  Restrictions due to COVID made that in-person experience impossible in 2021, but CBC looks forward to being reunited with the annual tradition next year.

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