Local Artist Candy Carver Creates Mural for New WRAL Newsroom in Durham

"The South has Something to Say" by Candy Carver

WRAL’s Durham News Bureau features a mural by Durham artist Candy Carver, titled “The South has Something to Say.”

WRAL-TV unveiled a new Durham News Bureau on the day of the Durham Bulls 2021 home opener.  The Durham newsroom is located next to the DBAP on Blackwell Street.  Passersby can look into the newsroom through large windows and in addition to the monitors and news desk, viewers will also see a large colorful mural by local artist Candy Carver entitled, “The South has Something to Say.”

WRAL-TV Creative Services John Gilliam spoke of selecting Carver as the artist to create the piece for the Durham newsroom.

“We chose her for a number of reasons,” said he said. “The main being we wanted a mural that represented the community of Durham and who better to work with than Durham’s own Candy Carver. She is an artist who is as passionate about the community as she is her art.”

He continued, “We wanted a piece that represented everyone in Durham and our commitment to them.”

Carver made that vision a reality.

“The thing that makes Durham special to me is also the thing that was kind the catalyst for the  mural design… it’s the people it’s the neighborhoods, it’s just the spirit of the humans who live here that make Durham special and unique,” Carver told WRAL-TV.

Gilliam described the final result:

We ended up with was a beautiful piece that shows major landmarks but also listed nationhood’s across Durham…because while skyline represents the location it’s the neighborhoods and the people who live in them that make up the vibrant and passionate community in Durham. The neighborhoods also represent our commitment to the community Coverage You Can Count On.  It’s more than Breaking News and Weather coverage. It’s lifesaving information, it’s informing parents, it’s about holding the powerful accountable, but most of all it’s about making sure the people how call those neighborhoods home are better prepared…so that every tomorrow has a chance to be better than yesterday.  

View a time-lapse of the creation of the mural on WRAL.com.

Find out more about the new WRAL Durham News Bureau:

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s John Gilliam for these Capcom photos.


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