Barrett Sports Media’s Ravanos Talks Sports Radio and Podcasts with CBC’s Brian Maloney

Meet The Market Managers: Brian MaloneyBarrett Sports Media’s “Meet the Market Managers” column recently featured a chat with CBC Radio Vice President Brian Maloney.  BSM Assistant Content Director Demetri Ravanos conducted the interview.

“In our conversation, Brian and I discuss why he still values play-by-play, his reasons for changing his expectations of a program director, and more. Plus, it ends with an invite to a tailgate party!” wrote Ravanos.

Maloney talks with him about everything from sports radio survival during the pandemic to the new Russell Wilson podcast, advertising, the importance of being intentional and more.

“You really have to be thoughtful about what you’re doing and strategic,” Maloney told Ravanos.  “It takes a lot of work. We do have an advantage of a great machine in Capitol Broadcasting that can promote that podcast on the news and a massive website. But you’ve just got to be thoughtful about it. You can’t just crack the mike and talk about the football game.”

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