Murder, mystery and more with Amanda Lamb

WRAL-TV Reporter Amanda Lamb recently talked to Kathy Hanrahan on the Out & About Podcast about the second in Lamb’s new crime fiction book series:

Amanda Lamb

WRAL-TV’s Amanda Lamb

Some know Amanda Lamb as a veteran reporter at WRAL News. Others know her as an accomplished author with 11 books to her credit. But I know Amanda as one of the first TV reporters I got to observe up close.

Amanda says her husband refers to her as the “Energizer Bunny” because she is always on the move. That’s true. When I first started working at WRAL 13 years ago, Amanda’s desk was across from mine. I got to see her working on the Brad Cooper and Jason Young trials.

But Amanda isn’t just a reporter. She is a mother, wife and was a caregiver for her mother, Madeline, when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012. Amanda wrote about that experience in her book, The Living Room.

Madeline helped inspire the main character in Amanda’s murder mystery series, Maddie Arnette. Maddie was her mother’s nickname.

The first book in the series, Dead Last, came out last year. The second book, Lies That Bind, is out now. A third book is already written so look for that next year.

The Maddie Arnette series follows the title character, a journalist, widow and mother of twins.

Amanda is also a podcaster with two upcoming true crime podcasts coming up soon!

Hear more from Amanda and find out more about this book on this week’s Out and About Podcast.


Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Kathy Hanrahan for this Capcom story & photo.

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