“Ballgown Breakdown” on Exhibit at Rocky Mount Mills, Denim Donations Welcome

"Ballgrown Breakdown" by Joyce Watkins King

Artist Joyce Watkins King assembler piece “Ballgrown Breakdown” in the main lobby of Rocky Mount Mills. Her work will be on display through the end of the year.

Now open and a work in progress, “Ballgown Breakdown” by Joyce Watkins King is on display in Rocky Mount Mills’ main lobby through the end of the year.

A native of Oxford, NC, Joyce Watkins King has created “Ballgown Breakdown” with re-purposed denim jeans. Members of the public can become part of the artwork by donating used jeans at RMM or the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences through November 1st.  King will return throughout the exhibit and add to the ballgown.

“The work is my commentary on the over-sized, bloated fast fashion industry that has resulted in poor health for cotton farmers, limited lives for garment works forced to work long hours in unsafe conditions for paltry pay, and the growing threat to our environment as more and more landfills are needed for textile waste,” said King about the piece.

Check out King’s full exhibit “Fiasco” at the Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences through December 31:

Fiasco by Joyce Watkins King

A textile installation exhibit focusing on fast-fashion by Joyce Watkins King. Did you know that the average person disposes of over 80 pounds of textiles per year? Disposable and cheaply made clothing has led to an environmental crisis. Explore this subject in Fiasco. We are excited to partner with the Rocky Mount Mills. See Joyce Watkins King’s installation at the Riverside Mill and consider donating your old jeans to the project. Exhibit on display September 3-December 31, 2021

Share your experience, donate jeans, take a picture with the “Ballgown Breakdown” and tag @rockymountmills @imperialcentreartgallery @jwkingartist

Thanks to Rocky Mount Mills for this Capcom scoop & for these Capcom photos.


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