AU’s Tim Scales Talks Growth, Community and Looking Ahead with GrepBeat

Tim Scales

American Underground Director of Growth Tim Scales

The online Triangle tech news source GrepBeat recently featured American Underground Director of Growth Tim Scales on its online site.

When Brooks Malone, who penned the piece, asked Scales  what exciting thing has happened recently for him or AU, Scales cited two things.

“I think what’s remarkable about the pandemic is that we are emerging with more members than we started with, that we have grown over this time, despite the challenges—and part of that is the incredible growth in new business in corporations. People are starting businesses at a higher rate than we’ve seen in a long time,” Scales told Malone.  “And the second is the isolation of the pandemic has really driven people to find community and seek out places and networks where they can be seen and see others and get help and expertise and get support. And just interact with folks who have been on that same journey, either at the same point or at different points, and can be resources and support for them.”

Scales answered a variety of questions, also talking about what’s up next for AU.

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