WRAL-TV’s Elizabeth Gardner Talks Snow with “Our State” Magazine

Elizabeth Gardner

WRAL-TV Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner is featured in the January 2022 edition of “Our State” magazine.

Our State magazine kicks off the new year with a feature about WRAL-TV Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner in the January 2022 edition.  She talks about her fascination with snow and the science behind it.  WRAL-TV Reporter Bryan Mims penned the piece on his Big 5 colleague.

“Snow and other big weather events always inspire in me a newfound respect for my meteorology colleagues like Gardner;” wrote Mims, “their stamina to stay on the air for hours, their deftness in explaining the science of weather in terms that we can understand, and their utterly likeable demeanor through it all.”

Mims explains how her love of snow inspired Gardner’s study of meteorology.

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