600+ Consecutive Days and Counting, WRAL-FM’s Jami Caskey Delivering Good News

Cornerstone Good NewsWRAL-FM Copywriter & Air Personality Jami Caskey of WRAL-FM’s Cornerstone has been using her radio powers for good during the pandemic.  With the help of a WRAL-FM salesperson and various sponsors, Caskey is spreading Good News.

While the pandemic had the country locked down, Caskey and WRAL-FM Account Executive Steve Motter tag-teamed on an idea to share joy.

“It’s evolved a bit but has been growing strong every single day since,” said Caskey of the endeavor.

She explained how the Good News segments got started.

“When COVID started and lingered PAST the initial 2 weeks we had all anticipated, and everything shut down and seemed riddled with doom and gloom, Steve Motter sold an `encouragement’ package to Coastal Credit Union,” explained Caskey.  “Starting June 15, 2020, they would sponsor daily `Good News’ stories on MIX 101.5 and 99.9 The Fan.  Steve reached out to me for copywriting, and I started researching daily, timely good news stories.”

Caskey then expanded the good the positive stories could do.

“Because they were fun and positive, I also added them to our full time Cornerstone Radio contemporary Christian app-based radio station as a sponsorable element,” she said.  “When Coastal’s `Good News’ contract ended, the daily Good News stories continued running on Cornerstone Radio, and Steve Motter sold it AGAIN, this time to Liberty Senior Living Communities. As an additional element to their sponsorship, I also provide the stories to the Liberty team and they use them however they’d like, to enrich the lives of their residents with daily good news.”

Cornerstone RadioThe partnership went so well with Liberty Senior Living Communities that when their contact ended in late December, they re-upped their sponsorship contract for 2022.

The fresh Good News stories can be heard on Cornerstone Radio 24/7/365, and are also available on the Cornerstone Radio app under the `Good News’ tile.   The stories are uploaded weekly to SoundCloud so anyone, anywhere can get a daily dose of good news through the app.

“I know creating them each day keeps me encouraged, so I encourage everybody to check ‘em out and share with anyone who could use some good news!” said Caskey.

She has produced an impressive number of good news stories since the project began.  Since Caskey first started researching, writing and producing the daily stories, as of February 1, 2022, she has completed 596 consecutive days of stories!  As of this Capcom posting, she has topped 600 consecutive days of “a fresh, uplifting dose of encouragement for our listeners.”

That’s a lot of good news!

Caskey is resourceful when it comes to finding the positive stories.

Jami Caskey

Jami Caskey

“I get story ideas from all kinds of sources, including WRAL.com, as well as other local/national news outlets, features outlets, social media, and Lori Rentsch at WRAL-FM is great about flagging and passing along story ideas,” she said.

Caskey gave special mention to Motter for making the magic happen.

“Shout out to retiring Steve Motter for his commitment to promoting the Good News feature to clients- he’s always been the biggest advocate for Cornerstone Radio as a viable product for our advertisers and will be sorely missed!”

Motter retired on Monday, January 31, 2022, after 22 years with Capitol Broadcasting.  However, the streak of good news is continuing at WRAL-FM.

“The GOOD news is, the Good News feature lives on and is available to anyone to listen and share on the Cornerstone Radio App!” said Caskey.

That IS Good News!


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