Spectacular Magazine Highlights Sports Shop, Only All-Black National Urban Sports Talk Team

The Sports Shop

The Sports Shop’s Erroll Reese (left), Pam Thompson-Smith and Kevin McClendon

A CBC Sports Radio talk team recently sat down with a popular local publication to talk about their background and unique experiences. Spectacular Magazine’s Thomas Tripp recently interviewed the hosts of The Sports Shop, Erroll Reese, Pam Thompson-Smith and Kevin McClendon.

“This trio is making history as the only all-Black national urban sports talk show team,” wrote Tripp.

The group talked to Tripp about a variety of topics including being on CBC Sports Radio and the new local sports television station, WRAL Sports+.

When Tripp asked him about his experience working with The Sports Shop on WRAL Sports+, Reese responded:

“My experience has been great. We started The Sports Shop and we had the opportunity to pitch it to the small station in Durham. We later set it up to make it our own show, then pitched it to WRAL to take it to Capitol Broadcasting and we’ve gone up from there. Our experience has been great, and it has given us an opportunity to be ourselves, delivering sports radio. We are happy and proud to be a part of Capitol Broadcasting Company. We view ourselves as ourselves and that’s important.”

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The Sports Shop broadcasts from the 99.9 The Fan studios in Raleigh, airing live 7am-9am weekdays on the radio on 99.3 FM/96.5 FM The Buzz and on WRAL’s new multi-platform 24/7 sports channel, WRAL Sports+.  Watch WRAL Sports+ over the air on 34.1 in the Raleigh-Durham television market, via WRAL streaming apps, on WRALSportsFan.com or via the WRALSportsFan mobile app.

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